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Car Oil ChangeCar oil change costs can vary significantly from vehicle to vehicle but also from shop to shop.  When looking for a good deal on an oil change, it’s important to compare what you’re actually getting from each shop and what your vehicle needs.  When comparing oil change cost, it’s important to know what questions you need to ask so you’re comparing apples to apples.

Things to consider with your car oil change:

  • Grade and quality of oil
  • Quality of oil filter
  • Training or certification of technicians
  • Tire rotation included
  • Inspection for other problems

Engine oil comes in a variety of brands and qualities.  The two major types of oil are synthetic oil and conventional oil, but today even many conventional oils are synthetic blends.  Synthetic oils are more expensive but they do help protect your engine by maintaining their viscosity and lubrication properties over a wider temperature range and for more miles.  Conventional oils have come a long way recently so even they do a good job lubricating your engine.  Besides the difference between synthetic and conventional oils it, s important to know what is in the oil you’re getting.  Engine oil starts off with a base oil supplied by only a few major oil companies.  Individual companies like Valvoline and Castrol then add their proprietary blend of chemicals like anti-foaming and anti-wear agents.  Cheaper oils use both a cheaper base oil and a less robust additive package which can lead to accelerated engine wear.

Similarly, a good quality oil filter will catch more harmful wear products and dirt keeping them from circulating around your engine and causing more wear.  Filters can range in efficiency from 93% up to 99% so it’s important to ask what quality filter you’re getting for your car oil change.  If your car has a recommended oil change interval longer than 5000 miles, it’s important to make sure you’ve got a top quality filter so it can last through the longer duration oil change.

Besides what goes in your car, you should be concerned who is working on your car.  Some shops that specialize in oil changes may not have technicians that are ASE certified working on your vehicle to help them save in labor costs.  Allowing someone to work on your car that doesn’t have a certification or training can lead to incorrect work or further damage to your car.

Rotating your tires is the best way to help them last as long as possible as well as minimize road noise and keep your car riding smooth.  It’s important to rotate your tires at least every 10,000 miles but it can’t hurt to do it more often.  Rotating your tires every oil change helps you remember to do it regularly and keeps the mileage interval in between rotations consistent.

One of the biggest benefits of having a regular oil change with a great mechanic is the “inspection” that goes along with it.  Most mechanics will do a quick inspection of your vehicle while they’ve got it up in the air for the oil change.  It can include things like checking ball boots joints and CV boots tears as well as looking around for leaks.

If your mechanic spots an oil leak during one of your regular oil changes, consider adding BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak to your engine oil.  BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak can stay in your oil until the next oil change and will recondition the seals in your engine stopping the leak and keeping your car running safely.

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  1. Is Blue Devil products, like Blue Devil Pour -N-Go Head Gasket Sealer available in the Philippines? Who are the accredited dealer or seller in the Philippines, particularly in the City of Manila?

  2. An oil change is a kind of vehicle maintenance and hence, a car’s engine oil needs to be changed at the right time in order to keep the performance of the car at the optimum level. In fact, changing the oil at regularly scheduled intervals can extend the lifespan of a car engine. Many vehicle owners don’t know how an oil change actually costs. Although an oil normally costs $20 to $50, still the cost varies relying on where the person goes to do the oil change. This is mainly because different auto repair shops charge different costs. Thus, being a car owner, it is our responsibility to choose the right service center where we can do the oil change at a genuine price.

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