Can I Drive with a Cracked Engine Block?

engine block, cracked engine blockDriving with a cracked engine block is like driving with any other leak in your car. It will get worse when your engine is hot and will continue to get worse over time.  Leaks are of course messy and usually smelly but are they really dangerous to drive with?

Oil leaks can be dangerous to drive with as they can cause a low oil level.  Oil starvation is a quick killer of any motor. As the oil level gets low in the oil pan the oil pump no longer can provide pressurized oil to the bearings which can quickly ruin them.

Depending on where the crack is in your engine block, it is possible that it is causing an oil leak, but most likely your cracked engine block has shown up as a coolant leak.  Coolant leaks can lead to lots of other problems especially if it is leaking from a cracked engine block.

Problems due to a coolant leak from a Cracked Engine Block

  • Electrical Shorts
  • Depressurized cooling system
  • Blown Head Gasket

Electrical Shorts

Anytime you’ve got a cracked engine block hot high-pressure coolant will escape after your engine heats up.  This hot coolant will spray into the engine bay of your car and get anything and everything soaking wet. Water and electronics have never played well together so this soaking of your engine bay will quickly turn up broken electrical components and electrical shorts which can be very difficult to track down and expensive to fix.

Depressurized Cooling System

Your cooling system is designed to run anywhere from 10 to 18 psi.  The pressurization of your coolant increases the boiling point of the fluid.  The normal operating temperature of most cooling systems is high enough to boil the coolant at atmospheric pressure.  Boil coolant doesn’t cool as well and will leave hot spots in the engine and heads causing warping and other damage that may require a full engine rebuild to repair.

Blown Head Gasket

A low coolant level or depressurized system can quickly lead to overheating.  Anytime your engine overheats, it’s possible to blow a head gasket due to warping heads.  If you’ve already got a cracked engine block you need to repair that part of your engine, but most likely your cylinder heads can be reused.  If you let the cracked block cause more problems you may end up needing to replace your entire motor.

Driving with a cracked engine block will lead to other problems more quickly than you think.  While welding or cold metal stitching are repair options they both are costly and take a lot of skill and do not guarantee a permanent repair.  Luckily, there is another option that doesn’t require removal of your engine and can be installed simply and in most cases without any tools. BlueDevil Radiator and Block Sealer is a sealing agent that mixes with your coolant and will seal your cooling system making it safe to drive with your cracked engine block.







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