Axle Seal Replacement

Axle Seal Replacement is like replacing any seal on your vehicle.  The tricky part is accessing the seal and pulling out whatever shaft goes through it so you can pop the old one out and the new one in.  In the case of the axle seal on a front wheel drive vehicle like the 2008 Honda CR-V in the video above, this includes removing the front axle which can be a bit of a chore.

Axle Seal Replacement:

  1. Raise the vehicle and remove the wheel
  2. Loosen the axle nut
  3. Remove the brake caliper, bracket, and rotor
  4. Remove the knuckle from the strut
  5. Remove axle the knuckle
  6. Remove the axle from the transmission
  7. Replace the seal
  8. Put everything back together

Helpful Tips for Axle Seal Replacement

The axle nut is always very difficult to remove.  Consider popping out the center cap on your wheel and removing the nut through that opening using the brakes or the tire with a chock to keep the wheel from spinning while removing the nut.

Some vehicles use the bolts that attach the strut to the knuckle to set front wheel camber so it’s important to mark these bolts before you remove them so they can be installed in the same orientation.

Most axles are held into the transmission with a snap ring but others use a roll pin, bolts or other methods, so check the procedure for your specific vehicle before you start trying to pry the axle out of the transmission.

Using a seal driver is the best way to get the new seal installed correctly.  The seal needs to be installed evenly, completely and flat so it can make a good seal around the axle.

Before you install your old CV axle, check the surface the seal rides on the make sure it isn’t worn and doesn’t have any burrs or damage to ensure your new seal won’t leak.

If all this sounds like more work that you’re willing to do on your vehicle, consider using BlueDevil Transmission Sealer as an alternative to axle seal replacement.

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