4 Things You Should Know About Engine Blocks

Know these four things about engine blocks before trying to repair one.

Engine blocks. They sound like something Tim Allen would wax poetic about. They sound manly and useful. They sound heavy and important and not something an amateur should mess around with. And all of that is true. Because engine blocks are the queen bee of the vehicle, it is helpful to understand what is going…

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7 Reasons Your Radiator Is Leaking

Learn why your radiator is leaking and how to fix it from the auto pros at BlueDevil Products

Take a trip to the land of no radiators. An automobile with an internal combustion engine – with its thousands of mini-explosions an hour – produces so much heat it could melt metal and bring the entire operation to a halt. The engine would seize up within a few hundred miles of driving. This is…

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Is The Transmission in Your Car Going Bad?

Find out if the transmission in your car is going bad and why from the auto experts at BlueDevil.

The bad news about the transmission in a car is eventually it is going to break down. Whether manual transmission or automatic transmission, it is a series of gears and other moving parts that operate mechanically and wear out. The good news is twofold. Changing transmission fluid according to the manufacturer’s specifications can dramatically increase the…

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How to Avoid Transmission Repair

Use these tips from the car experts at BlueDevil to avoid transmission repair and save you a costly trip to the transmission shop.

Of all the systems in the typical automobile, the transmission is probably the most mysterious. After all, the transmission does not provide power to the vehicle, ensure the parts work well or translate the chemical explosions into mechanical energy. The transmission’s job is to translate the engine’s narrow range of power into a wide range…

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3 Reasons Your Power Steering Is Not Working

Find out the main reasons why your power steering is not working and how to fix it from the auto pro at BlueDevil Products

More often than not, malfunctioning power steering is an indication the vehicle is an older model with a hydraulic power steering system. That system employs fluid under pressure to lighten the burden of turning the wheel. However, the power steering can go out on newer models as well. There are generally three possible reasons why…

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What Is Electric Power Steering?

Learn the differences between electric power steering and hydraulic power steering from the auto pros at BlueDevil Products.

Turning the steering wheel of a car or truck is easy with hydraulic or electric power steering. It can be done with one finger. But that wasn’t always the case, especially at low speeds, such as when parking or turning around. In the automotive industry’s first half century, some serious muscle was required to turn…

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Why a Radiator Flush Is Needed

Learn how a radiator flush can keep your car running smoothly and how much a radiator flush costs

An automobile radiator is like the umpire in a baseball game. When the ump does his job well, which is almost all the time, no one notices. None of the spectators in the stadium comment about what a great game the umpire had. But when something goes wrong, things can get really hot. Performing a…

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What Is a Radiator Flush Kit and How Does It Work?

learn what a radiator flush kit is and how to use it from the experts at BlueDevil Products

The early inventors of the internal combustion engine discovered that by creating a series of tiny explosions in closed chambers they could produce pressure that drove pistons up and down, turning wheels and propelling a vehicle forward. They immediately discovered, however, that this process also generated immense heat, sufficient to damage the engine parts and…

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How Do I Fix a Blown Head Gasket?

Learn how to fix a blown head gasket, and how to save time and money with an alternative solution from the BlueDevil Auto Pro

  “Your timing chain broke.” “You need a complete engine overhaul.” “You blew your rear main seal.” “Your mother-in-law is coming to stay for a few months.” These are among the scariest phrases for any vehicle owner. Add one more to that list: “You’ve blown your head gasket.” When it comes to an automobile, a blown head gasket is on…

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What Is a Rear Main Seal Leak?

The Blue Devil car expert talks about rear main seal leak

An oil leak anywhere in an automobile is a serious issue because oil is so instrumental to the proper operation of the vehicle. But an oil leak in the rear of the engine is a sign of a probable rear main seal leak. A rear main seal leak is especially problematic for two reasons. First,…

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