How to Keep Your Car Engine Cool in the Summer

Learn how to keep your engine cool in the summer from the auto pros at BlueDevil Products

Think about how hot you get in the summer. Now imagine you are running miles at a time in the sweltering sun, surrounded by fire, steam and hot exhaust, with metal reaching hundreds of degrees all around you. You would need a drink. Better yet, a cold bath. Without them, you might burn up. Congratulations, you are…

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7 Reasons There Is Smoke Coming from Your Exhaust

If you have smoke coming from your exhaust, read this to find out why and how to fix it.

Your car has an exhaust pipe for a reason. During the combustion process that powers the vehicle, a mixture of air and fuel is burned, then must be expelled. The used-up gaseous mixture is pumped out of the engine through a series of pipes and filters and is known as engine exhaust emissions. During ordinary…

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Why Is My Exhaust Smoke White?

If your exhaust smoke is white or any other color, find out from the BlueDevil Auto Pros what might be causing it and how to fix it.

Everything is going along great with your car, then you notice white smoke is coming out of your exhaust pipe. And not just big clouds of tissue-thin white wisps that billow out of the pipe when you start your car on cold days. That’s nothing more than condensation being heated into water vapor in cold…

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What Is Leaking from My Car?

Learn about the different liquids that might be leaking from your car and how to fix them from the auto pros at BlueDevil Products

When you see fluid coming from your car or truck, it is often an indication of a problem with the vehicle. It may be a minor drip that could go on indefinitely with little consequence, or an indication of a much larger problem that should be addressed immediately. Thus, it is important to determine what is…

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Have a Car Leak? Here’s How to Find and Fix It

Learn about car leaks, what the different color fluids are, and how to fix the leaks from the auto pros at BlueDevil

Your car has a leak. Now what? It could be the car is leaking oil, or the car is leaking water, or the car is leaking coolant or the car is leaking some other liquid. How can you determine the kind of car leak, the source of the leak and the proper action to take…

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What Is an Oil Injector and What Is It Used for?

A Red Angel Oil Injector from BlueDevil Products can be used to add oil, dye, or refrigerant to the AC in your car.

While a functioning air conditioner isn’t required to make your vehicle run, it sure makes it more comfortable. This system requires routine maintenance, just like the other parts of your engine, including keeping it lubricated so it can run properly. One way to perform this service yourself is with an AC oil injector. In this article,…

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How to Fix a Car Air Conditioning Leak

Learn how to fix a car air conditioning leak from the auto experts at BlueDevil Products.

Car air conditioning is the single most important system dedicated not to the operation of the vehicle, but to the comfort of the individuals inside. Basically every other system—engine, fuel, electrical, cooling, exhaust, drive train, braking, suspension and ignition—contributes to the functioning of the vehicle itself. A car or truck without one of these systems…

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How to Recharge the A/C in a Car

Learn how to recharge the A/C in a car in 11 simple steps from the auto pros at BlueDevil Products

When the air conditioning unit in a car stops blowing cool air, it may be time for an A/C recharge. To recharge the A/C in a car means adding more refrigerant to the system and correctly pressurizing it to allow the air to start blowing cold again. This car A/C repair does not take long or…

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3 Refrigerant Types Used in Car Air Conditioners

Learn about the different refrigerant types used in air conditioners in cars and trucks from the auto pros at BlueDevil Products

It has often been said that the greatest invention of the 20th century is air conditioning, which made living in warm climates more attractive and automobile travel in summertime bearable. Today, demand for air conditioning in cars and trucks is so universal that it is nearly impossible to purchase a new automobile without it. The air…

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Are Coolant and Antifreeze the Same Thing?

Find out if coolant and antifreeze are the same thing and what you should be doing with these products to keep your car running smoothly from the auto pros at BlueDevil Products.

Coolant, antifreeze: tomato, tomahto. Coolant and antifreeze are the same thing, right? Not so much. Though many people use these terms interchangeably, they are not exactly the same. For many car and truck owners who occasionally pour the contents of a container they bought at the auto supply store into their coolant reservoir, the difference…

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Hydraulic Fluid Leaks: How to Diagnose and Fix Them

Learn how to diagnose and fix hydraulic fluid leaks from the auto pros at BlueDevil Products

Hydraulics is an efficient way to create mechanical energy and is at work in every industrial workplace in America. Put simply, hydraulic action employs pressurized fluid to move things. Hydraulic systems can be found in lifts, heavy equipment, shock absorbers, braking systems, power steering, even spaceships. This type of system literally does a lot of…

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